Roach killers – should you use it during pregnancy?

There are quite a few things that an expectant mother should be careful about, household insecticides being one of them. It is a known fact that roach killers are widely used in homes.

Although there are alternatives like natural roach killers, people usually go for the chemical based insecticides due to their efficiency. The chemical roach killers are indeed quite effective and give immediate results.

They make use of chemicals that are directly targeted to destroy the nervous system of these pests. But it can also create complications during childbirth.

They can cause considerable damage, particularly during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the nervous system of the fetus is just starting to get developed.

Hence an expectant woman should refrain from the use of roach killers during this period.

And if there are massive insecticide treatments going around in the nearby areas, it would be better to relocate to a different area at least for sometime.

Roach killers can pose a serious threat during pregnancies, given their chemical composition.

A few journals like Annals of Oncology, Epidemiology, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology report associations between the use of pesticides and pregnancy complications, birth defects and miscarriages.

So what is the best roach killer that can be used during pregnancy? Website called wrote it better that I could here;

But the safest answer is to avoid all sorts of roach killers, although the general statistics show that every three out of four

The safest answer is to avoid all sorts of roach killers, although the general statistics show that every three out of four pregnant  women are exposed to pesticides.

Continued exposure to these chemicals increase the risk of oral clefts, neural tube defects, heart defects and limb defects in the fetus.

Even living within ¼ th of a mile away from the area using pesticides can be dangerous.

The chemicals contained in roach killers can affect not only the foetus but even small babies. Increased exposure can elevate the risk of leukemia.

However, If your home really needs debugging, you can get rid of the roaches by having someone  else  do it for you by using milder roach killers, while following the given safety measures.

  1. Carefully read all the instructions that come with the packaging
  2. You should make sure that the food and water are covered before and after the application.
  3. Leave the area for a required amount of time after the application.
  4. Make sure that the rooms are properly ventilated.
  5. Wash the kitchen after application and also the areas where food is stored.
  6. It would also be wise to move to a different area for a certain span of time.

One common misconception is that organic roach killers are relatively safer and supposedly the best roach killer for homes.

But the truth is that they have exactly the same compounds that are found in chemical roach killers. In fact, all the toxic substances used in pesticides are derived from plants.

Although the concentration of chemicals may be comparatively lesser, organic is not a safer substitute.

In some instances, women have experienced normal pregnancies, although the babies were born with severe deformities.

Hence the best option during pregnancy would be to avoid getting anywhere near roach killers and other pesticides.